Salvagetti is simply the english word salvage with T-T-I added at the end to make it sound Italian. The pronunciation is sal-va-jet-tee. The word literally means a bike shop at 3800 Irving St. in Denver, CO. We aren’t making fun of other bike shops with big attitudes. We promise.

So, we want Salvagetti to be a place that you count on not only for product that you trust and love, but for advice on bikes. We aren’t full of ourselves, so you don’t need to be scared. Now that we have that clear…

Salvagetti is the only bicycle shop for people who want to learn about cycling without the fuss of sorting through hours of information and hype. We love the products we sell. You will, too. No one enjoys returning something that doesn’t work (at all or as promised), so we only sell quality products that we know to be great. We know that if you have a great experience with us, you’ll come back and you may even bring your friends with you.

We consider it our job to make you love cycling. So, let us know what we can do to help you out.


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