VeloSwap Reality Check

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We will be at the VeloSwap this coming Saturday in the non-profit area with BikeDenver. Our goal for the VeloSwap is to make sure you don’t get hosed!!

Our steps for success at the VeloSwap!

1. Run around and find great cycling stuff.

2. Get super excited, but act coy.

3. Let the seller know before you hand over any money that you will be having it looked at by us at our booth.

4. If they agree, then pay for your stuff.

5. Come by and let us make sure you are getting what you expected!

6. Make a donation to BikeDenver.

a. Leave super happy and go ride!
b. Go back and negotiate with the seller.

8. Brag about how much fun you are having with your new stuff.


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