The Final Weeks News and Update

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It is that time. We are closing up for good.
So here is the schedule:


We are open for business from 10-7 as usual.
We have 3 bikes left. If you fit on one of them and you are nice, we will accept offers.

There are lots of other things on sale. And lots of Salvagetti stuff still here, especially free schwag (come and git it). But seriously, we have a lot of stickers, tattoos and bottles.


We are closed to the public. It is our moving day. We won’t even have a way to accept credit cards.


We are closed to go riding bikes. WOOOOHOOO! Fun.


We will be at the store from 11am to 4pm. And you should come by. It should be fun, if nothing else. Then we are done for good. Kaput.

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