That is One Huge Surly Disk Trucker, Sucker!

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A very tall guy walks into Salvagetti with a wonderful request:

A bike that he can tour with that also fits him like it should. He was wondering about a few little extras, too.
We took some measurements, asked some hard questions and came up with something we are very proud of.
This is a 62cm Surly Disk Trucker. Yes those are 700c wheels.



  1. Augsburg

    I have a question about the Disc Trucker. I’ve eyed it as a speedier option than my current steed. I currently ride a Retrovelo Alfons, which is awesome for city rides bereft of smooth pavement. Broken concrete, potholes and trolly tracks are the norm. Still, the 60mm Fat Frank tires and hefty weight are slow. Some days I would not mind something a little faster. Plus, the Surly has derailleur gears giving lots of options, and the Alfons has an Alfine 11-speed IGH – which limits low gearing. I am currently running it with a 39T chainring and 24T cog (in defiance of Shimano’s specs). Hence my interest in the Surly.

    Here’s the question. What size discs can the frame and fork of the Disc Trucker accommodate. I’m a big guy and I do ride hills, which eventually lead to long descents. The Avid BB7 160mm discs on my Retrovelo were a little anemic for my size. I was able to upgrade the Retrovelo to 203mm in the front, which helps a lot, but its those downhill turns at intersections. I’m trying to brake with my right hand and signal with my left. A larger back brake would be great. The 203mm IS adapter did not fit against the chainstay in the rear of the Retrovelo and I’m still working on mocking up to see if a 180mm will work. Back to the Disc Trucker. I’d want to at least upgrade to 203mm front, 180mm rear. Would this be possible?

  2. Jenks

    Augsburg –

    Surly recommends 160mm only. We haven’t attempted to run bigger, and honestly haven’t had a reason to.

    Drop us an email if you would like to setup time to bring your current setup in for testing!

    Thank you!

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