Surly Jackets are Here

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Surly’s new Canvas Riding Jackets are here and pretty close to perfection. Around here we like to buy product based on a cost per use basis. If we use a product daily and it last a couple or more seasons – it’s worth a decent amount as cost divided by use is low. MSRP: $250

Here’s Surly Spew on this stunning jacket:

Those who are familiar with our customs and philosophy on clothing probably can deduce a few things about our new Canvas Riding Jacket. It’s not made of space-age polymers and it most certainly doesn’t follow the traditional technicolor dreamcoat aesthetic that most cycling oriented garments seem to go for. It’s a jacket that’s more suited for life on a bike than actual ‘bike-rides.’

Our Canvas Riding Jacket is – you guessed it – waxed cotton canvas on the outside with a 100% Merino wool liner in the body of the jacket and a Polyester liner in the sleeves to prevent bunching. The waxed canvas gives you protection from the elements while the liner is light to make the jacket better for layering. And it’s wool, so you’ve got that going for you. There is a two-way zipper, hand warmer pockets and a Fonzarelli-approved collar so you’ll always look cool, regardless of whether or not you’re freezing your ass off standing around a bonfire in the middle of February. There is also a hidden chest pocket for small items like phones, cold looking hamsters, used or unused chewing gum, cigarette butts, basically anything that’ll fit. Sizes in XS-XXL, black or gray green.

Sizing chart

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