In Salvagetti Info by Scott T.

Safety Check


  • Frame Safety
  • Recommended Upgrades
  • Recommended Services

Vital 10 Yearly Tune


  • Stop and Go Plus
  • All Bearings Adjusted
  • Pro Level Wheel True

Full 12 Extra Love Tune


plus parts
  • Vital 10 Tune Plus Plus
  • New Cables and Housing
  • Ultrasonic Drivetrain Clean

Trail 15 Full Suspension Package


plus parts
  • Full 12 Tune Plus
  • All Suspension Oil Change
  • Pivots Checked

Precision Repair

First of all, we started from scratch thinking about repair. We wanted the mechanic to be able to fix each bike to our exacting standards without interruptions. This means having all tools at hand for all situations that come up. Our new bench system allows for us to ensure your bike is handled with only the proper tools. Every mechanic has several torque wrenches (for precision) close at hand to ensure your cycling experience isn’t a failure due to over- or under-torquing.

The wheel build center is where your next custom wheels should be built. We set up a place for the mechanic to build a robust wheel from start to finish. This includes lacing, preconditioning (on our custom press machine) and finishing touches. Wheels coming out of our HUB service center will last for season after season, with you smiling the whole time.

It is equipped with truing stand, spoke tensiometer, wheel press, nipple prep, lube and finishing lock. Our wheels go through hell, so you can ride them with confidence.

We have a dedicated station for frame preparation. Here we will chase and face your frame to our exacting standards.

Chasing a frame involves us removing any excess metal or paint from threaded parts of the frame. This can include the bottom bracket, braze-ons (for water bottles and racks) and fork steerers. Everything will install properly with the tight tolerances of a properly chased threading.

Facing is the removal of paint and metal to give a perfect face for the bottom bracket and headset to interface with your frame. This means your Chris King headset and bottom bracket will last longer with fewer adjustments necessary. Likewise, our stem facer can solve many problems associated with the super tight tolerances of today’s headsets. The slightest chip of paint or metal can throw off an entire system.

We also have a disc brake tab facer. Again, this solves many unforeseen problems with disc brake alignment. Perfect alignment allows for greater braking power with less hassle.

Suspension systems require a great deal of attention and loads of special tools. We have extended our tooling to include proprietary seal installers and removers as well as blind bearing pullers. We can give your fork new oil, seals or stanchions with precision and accuracy. We are prepared to remove and install new bushings and bearings on your frame to give it new life.

This can make your worn out bike feel new again.