“My Bike Needs a Tune Up”

Our tune ups consist of packages to make your bike run like new again.

We love making your bike run really stinking well. This means that we are trying to balance a few things:
1. Your time expectations.
2. Making sure we give you a great value.
3. Doing the work really well!

Read more about all of these tunes below:

Stop and Go Microtune

 – $50
Perfect for a quick touchup or a race weekend. A fine adjustment of brakes and derailleurs as well as an on bike wheel truing. This is perfect for a bike that works well, but needs some lovin’.

Vital 10 Tune

 – $80
Everything on the bike gets an adjustment. We adjust shifting so it is fast and predictable, also we ensure that the cables and housing are lubed. The brakes are tightened so you can slow down, stop or at least coast without the drag of improperly adjusted brakes. Wheels get trued and checked for safety. Lastly, the bike gets a light cleaning.

Full 12 Tune

 – $135 plus parts
It is everything included in the 10 plus installation of new cables and housing. This makes your old bike feel brand new again. The shifting will be smoother and more responsive than ever. 

Trail 15 Tune

Sealed Bearing Systems – $235 plus parts
Your mountain bike will get a workover. Each drivetrain part gets cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaner, it gets re-lubricated and put back to the manufacturer’s specifications. The bike you get will be lighter(from less dirt), smoother (from new lube) and better looking than ever. We bleed brakes, change oil in the fork and shock and make sure seals looks good. This tune gets the most wows from the crowd!

Loose Ball Bearing Systems – $300 plus parts

On a Side Note

When you drop off your bike for service, we do a few extra things to make sure you get what you want when you want it. First of all, we will put your bike in the stand or ride it to verify what we need to do. A lot of times we end up getting the customer what is needed without paying nearly what was expected. We always check chains for wear and inform you of your timeframe for a new chain (which will save you large sums of money). Any safety issues will be discussed and resolved before you leave the store. We prefer to avoid the call later on to say your _____ is broken and it will cost _____, because that call isn’t fun for anyone.

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