Saturday: Better, Faster, Funner Mountain Bike Class

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This is simply the class we wish we would have taken when we started mountain biking.

Let’s dial in your mountain bike’s suspension, tires, and riding position for maximum year ’round trail riding fun! No matter how long you’ve been riding, where you got your bike, or how long you’ve had it, we know there are bound to be a few things to make your ride better, faster and most importantly funner! Everyone deserves to grin from ear to ear on every ride…

Come empty-handed and learn about all the different design (and simple ways to find the right bike). Or bring your current mountain bike and spend some time learning how it should be set up and getting it just right to get the most out of your ride. Learning how to know-when-you-are-right is the first step toward getting your bike to its peak of its abilities!

This will be a hands on class that you will be sure to learn something from.


Suspension: Basic setup, how it should feel, how it works (it can be so mysterious!), how to know when it is set up correctly

Tires: Pressure, design, when they are toast

Position: Handlebar setup, stem length, dropper seatposts


February 14th from 10:15am to noon
Highlands shop location at 3800 Irving St. Denver, CO
It’s FREE!

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