Salvagetti Closing FAQ (Let’s Settle This)

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Now that the cat is out of the bag, lots of questions have come up. I would like to address some concerns right away. So this is Scott interviewing Scott.

Is Salvagetti in financial trouble?
Nope. Quite the opposite. Because of our super badass customers, we have consistently been over double the average profitably of bicycle retailers in the US. Money isn’t a problem and really hasn’t ever been the problem. Maybe those first 3 years, that was tough.

So, then what is the problem?
There is no problem. No one did anything wrong. I am moving into a new venture to further help retailers. Helping out my fellow retailers is what I became very passionate about over the last 3 years. I’m stupid excited about my plans.

I’m sad
Me, too. That isn’t really a question, though.

Where are you going to shop for bike stuff, Scott?
Well… I’m actually excited to get to go bike shopping in the Spring. I’m going to shop at Yawp Cyclery, Jinji, SloHi and whatever Ryan names the Annex.

Oh yeah, the Annex… what is happening with that?
Thank you for asking. Ryan is taking it over. He already ran the whole thing from top to bottom, so this is a natural fit.

So, what is on sale? Can I get a free bike and all the accessories?
Everything is on sale. It will get cheaper as the time goes, but only to a point. As I said earlier, we aren’t in financial trouble, so we don’t *have* to sell everything. I’ll take giving it away to someone awesome over selling to a vulture for cheap. (No offense to vultures, but you are sucky)

Anything else?
Yeah. This is hard for me. I love Denver. I love bikes. I love Salvagetti. And this has been a long and tough decision process. I don’t want anyone to think that I am taking this lightly. The decision had to be made how I could continue to grow and this was not the easiest path, but it is certainly the correct path. Also, I want everyone to come to our last bike party on September 1st. It will be a good time and maybe we will give away a bike, who knows?


  1. Steve Hannan

    BLESSINGS – hate that your closing but happy that you aren’t staying in business and not liking it anymore! – steve

  2. Felix

    i can’t imagine you have any cross checks/LHT’s in stock at 60 or 62 cm, but if you do I’m looking.

    (possibly for large/xl Troll also)

    i’m bummed you are closing- it’s been really cool seeing you grow and prosper. I’m sure you will continue to do so.


  3. Andrew Carr

    Sad to hear, you were a big part of getting me and most of Denver on a bike, and I know I will be forever greatful. Best of luck on your next venture.

  4. Angelo M

    Sad to see you guys go – it’s been fun watching the shop grow and help something we so dearly love spread all over Denver. Having a shop that truly enjoys keeping it’s customers happy was fresh way back then and is still relevant today. Thanks for all the clinics and good vibes you brought to cycling over the years.

  5. Sarah messina

    We love and support moving toward passion, and love and support you!

  6. Mikaela

    I bought a bike this summer from salvagetti and i love it. As part of that purchase, i was told a 30 day adjustment and 1 year tune up would be included. So this is no longer part of my purchase…? 🙁

    1. Author
      Scott T.

      Hey Mikaela,
      Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do a one year adjustment for you. If you want to swing by on a Thursday or Friday, we can certainly make sure everything is working perfectly for you. The decision to close the store happened very quickly and there was zero intention to mislead anyone. If you have follow up questions, please feel free to email hello at salvagetti dot com.

  7. Joseph Meyer

    So sorry to lose Salvagetti, but wishing you much access and happiness in your new venture!

  8. David Drake


    i just ran into you at the shop this morning, Thanks for giving me the scoop in person, best of luck with your future we will miss Salvagetti, even though i still don’t know how to pronounce it. I guess i won’t miss that;)

  9. Keith Covill

    I ordered the orginal derailer for my new Kona Process that I bought from you and the temporary one I bought sucks. By chance do you still have the orginal? I’d like to still buy that from you. I did not know the shop was closing. That SUCKS! I really hope somebody buys it from you. Your shop was my second home for this summer.

    1. Author
      Scott T.

      The Bike Depot purchased all of our derailleur hangers. Get in touch with those guys and they should be able to help you out! Have fun.

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