Salsa Vaya Travel (Amazing Edition)

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This is a beautiful story.
This bike is made for a woman who tours in lots of exotic places that most of us only dare dream of. So in order to exponentially make us more jealous, our husband in the story, built up this bike like there was no tomorrow.

You should notice the following subtleties:
1. The Front hub is a Son Dynamo for generating electricity.
2. The drivetrain is centered around a 14 speed internally gear Rohloff Hub.
3. The tiny frame that breaks down into 2 small boxes.
4. The other shiny red parts.
5. The ladies Brooks Touring Saddle with custom lacing.


  1. mike

    I have seen photos of this frame with a rear rack but looking at the dropout I am curious how that works. Do rear racks work nicely with that disc brake positioning?

    1. Author
      Scott T.

      It does work well. You have to make sure you have a rack that is compatible. Several companies have offset racks that allow for great clearance and easy brake adjustment, all while remaining completely usable.

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