PSA: Catalog Your Bikes!

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People are getting their bikes stolen. EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Heart-break may be unavoidable if your house/garage/shed gets broken into, but you can protect yourself against the problems by proving what you lost.

Let’s collect some proof:

1. A picture of your bike.

Take your bike out and snap a photo of it IN YOUR HOUSE.
Take another pic of YOU with YOUR BIKE.
You can use your smart phone, if you are smart enough.

2. Your bike’s serial number

This is typically found on the bottom bracket of your bike. It will be a series of letters and numbers.
Jot it down or take a nice clear photo of it.

3. (EXTRA CREDIT) Your original receipt

If you have your original receipt, you should snap a photo of this as well. Or scan it.

Now, send yourself an email with all the information you’ve collected.

You are now ready to make a claim should the need arise.

4. Register your bike with the Denver Police Department

Go to: and register your bike with the cops. Do it!

You should still lock your bike with a U-lock. Always close your garage door. Never leave your bike “for just a minute” anywhere but inside your house.


  1. Melissa

    In Denver county at least the pawn shops are required to report serial numbers of bikes. So, if you actually know your serial number and report it to the cops there is a chance that you could possibly get it back that way. Or just watch Craigslist and wait for the dummy who stole it to post it on there 🙂

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