And now for something faster… Pivot Mountain Bikes are ready to be tried, loved and taken home from Salvagetti.

We’ve been studying suspension designs for a while here at Salvagetti and have been intrigued by the DW Link. As soon as we saw rumors of a carbon Pivot Mach 5.7, we were ready to jump on board.

DW Link
Stiff short links. A great wheel path. Even tempered braking. And it feels fast as hell to ride.

We know better than to tell you that this is the EXACT right bike for you. Dave Weagle (the inventor of the DW Link), on the other hand, will tell you straight up that his DW Link design is “the single most significant advancement in bicycles since the advent of suspension”. This, to people who are in the know, just means that you need to try out a Pivot.

Mach 5.7 Aluminum (demos available Spring) – 5.7″ stiff and light. The 5.7 gives square edge bumps the middle finger. It handles speed and airtime with ease and brings a smile to the face with great efficiency.
Pivot link

Mach 5.7 Carbon (demos available Spring) – 5.7″ lighter and stronger than the aluminum, we expect that you will fall in love and lose sleep after riding this bike. Your other bikes can go ahead and find a new owner.
Pivot link

Mach 429 (demos available Spring) – 4″ Big wheeled bike for all day adventures. It sticks to the ground, hovers over nasty rocks and lets you climb until your legs and heart are all done. Then you have to fly back down.
Pivot link

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