It’ll Change Your Life

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One of our favorite faces around the store, Brendan, has turned into a cyclist. He loves it. He loves riding bicycles. It makes him feel whole again. But, I am paraphrasing here. He says it best all by himself. This is a spoken word piece. It is 8 minutes of real bike love. You’ll enjoy it. Unless you are …

Stepping Stones

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by Scott T. There was a recent article in Velonews about whether people jumping on the bicycle bandwagon with a single speed road bike is a bad thing or not… This got me thinking. One of our favorite customers, who we will call Tobi, because that is her name, got into cycling this last year or so. Her trainer felt …

Pancake Breakfast Ride

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Pancake Breakfast Ride At this time last year, we attended an event for the Sunday Morning Breakfast Ride that was truly worthy of noting: Pablo’s 2nd Annual Pancake Breakfast. Well, that time is here again. We just received the email announcement that it is happening again on the 14th of this month. It is all-you-care-to-eat pancakes with all the sides …

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Ride in Evergreen

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Ride in Evergreen (by scott t.) Several of us took off this morning to Evergreen. We don’t actually know the name of the trail, but it is connected to one of Evergreen’s RTD Park-n-Rides. So, that is what we did. We parked. We rode. The trails were perfect. The temperature was fantastic. And all of us needed some time in …

Money is Money

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Let’s talk. Bikes are inexpensive to maintain. And we at Salvagetti want you to be happy, so we have a short list of how to save a pretty decent amount of money while having a better running bike. In order of the magnitude of how much money you will save: 1. Replace your chain before it is too stretched out. …

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Buffalo Creek with the Dodge Van

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We rode in the shop’s new Getting-To-The-Trails-And-That-Is-All Van to Buffalo Creek, near Pine. Pine is a community and not a city (from what I understand). The new to us van handled the trip quite well. Since it is still not quite ready for the public, we simply stuffed the 3 bikes into the back of the van and headed out. …