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A bike built to go fast. Seriously, that is all Knolly cares about. It shows. The bikes feel as though you cannot find their top speed.

Knolly comes from Vancouver, BC. All of the legendary riding that happens there requires a lot out of a rider and the most out of the equipment. So Noel Buckley set out to make a high performance reliable bike with a ride quality surpassing all others. Countless hours and few prototypes later the V-Tach was born. Not long after he hit the trails on his new pride and joy, his friends started ordering bikes and he was in business.

The original V-Tach is still one of the nicest, burliest freeride bikes you can purchase and is the winner of the MTBR Full suspension Freeride Bike award 4 years running (DAMN STRAIGHT!), in that time Knolly has expanded their product line to cater to all markets ranging from DH RACE with Podium to Trail/technical XC with the much anticipated revamped 2012 Endorphin.

At Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop, we are approached by many brands of trail bikes. We are extraordinary picky because the Front Range is hard on bikes. We want to carry bikes that we are excited about AND that we are absurdly comfortable with you pushing to its absolute limit. Knolly is the standard for these factors. They don’t break. And you need only peak in our store to see that we love Knolly.

Knolly uses their patented FourBy4 linkage on their entire range of bikes. It stiffens the rear end laterally, while allowing the travel to do what it needs to do: Soak up your bumps without soaking up speed. The linkage is setup so that the shock is isolated away from the wheel movement. Because of this, Knolly has their bikes tuned very precisely to make you go very, very, almost-to-an-uncomfortable-speed fast. The impressive thing is that the Fourby4 linkage has the ability to all of this while still being incredibly pedaling efficient .
The bottom line: if you can handle it, it can handle you.

The People of Knolly Part 1 – Large from Knolly Bikes on Vimeo.

Knolly builds for speed and precision. The bike is stiff. The lack of play in the rear also makes it tough. So tough that the frames themselves require very little service. The stiffness comes from insanely precise bearings and machining tolerances that make other manufacturers looks (and feel) sloppy. We know this is hard to read and have it translate over to understanding of the stiffness. The first ride will handle the rest of the translation.

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