We know you pronounce it correctly, but we wanted to tell you what other people have called us … We aren’t upset, quite the opposite; We are intrigued.

You know? It’s hard. We want to correct people. But, at the same time, it is nice to hear the name said at all. In Italian, it means “bike shop in Denver that is sweet”. In German, it is pronounced a little different, but it means “polite and sensible” or more loosely, “a great friend for me”. In English, it only means “LOVE BICYCLES”.

To help, we have recorded the pronunciation key. Please enjoy.


Plain old, not paying attention at all. AT ALL!

The G just isn’t right

This would be correct, if it wasn’t wrong. This the most commonly argued version!

The Same as above, but with an S at the end.

If it were the last name of someone …

The Quest Yellow Pages Version

Quest goofed 4 years ago. We know they were trying to help. They got the G correct. But, no ‘I’ at the end …

Great start, but…

It is a word we made up. It doesn’t really belong to anyone.


This is correct. We say it is. It is. Sal-vaj-jetty …

Getting Frisky

Once you get a knack for saying it, you spice it up like your meatballs.


You are right. And your hands are flying around. You may need to lay off the macchiatos.

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