Friday Favorites: Dynamo Hubs and Lights

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How far would you ride into the dark if you didn’t have to worry about your light’s battery life? Are you an avid bike commuter, or have you been bitten by the randonneuring bug? If you like to ride after dark and hate charging your batteries, or keeping a spare set with you, then you should know about dynamo hubs and lights!

What is a “dynamo hub”?

SON Hubs Denver Colorado

A hub dynamo is a small electrical generator built into the hub of a bicycle wheel that is usually used to power lights. Note that the hub dynamo is (usually) not actually a dynamo, which creates DC, but a low-power magneto that creates AC. – Wikipedia

But, Why?!

  • Your lights are hard mounted to the bike and always there for you
  • You don’t have to remember to charge or replace your batteries
  • One dynamo can normally power two lights, usually front and rear

Why We Love Them

Dynamo Lights Denver

We sell a lot of commuter and adventure bikes here at Salvagetti. Dynamo hubs follow our belief that you should invest in the right gear once and receive years out of the product. We’ve had customers on the same set of hub and lights for well over 50,000 miles.

How Much?

It honestly depends how much drag you want from your front hub and how bright you want your light. Barrier to entry for a wheel and a front light that we would trust selling a customer is about $400 to $450.  If you want the brightest light and most efficient hub, you could spend up to $8-900. Of course, there are many choices in between.

We love dynamos and think you will to. Stop by the Irving shop to check out products from SON, Busch & Miller and others.

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