About Our Building

We moved Salvagetti to 3800 Irving St. at the end of July and opened August 1st.
Behind the paper, a huge project was taking place. We’d like to share our adventure with you.

As soon as we could spring into action, we started removing EVERYTHING we could out of the building. In some rooms, there were 2 drop ceilings. In other rooms, there were giant heating units only for that room. And there were filing cabinets all over the place.
Step One: Demo

Step Two: More Demo

We Clarified Things Here and There:

And We Discovered Some History:
Salvagetti’s new location used to be a King Soopers Market. In fact, it was the first King Soopers in Denver. But, even stranger than that, we found out there was a fire in the 40s that did about $140,000 in damages. Quite the story, so we left everything as we found it, except we cleaned it. The new (in 1940) wood looks like this.

Time To Rebuild What We Have Destroyed

We Closed, So We Could Move

We Weren’t Ready, But We Sure Did Open

And Then We Finally Got Our Signage

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