Surly Necromancer Pugsley

A Quick and Dirty Review

by Scott T.

I got to take out the Surly Necromancer Pug for a little spin in Golden yesterday. The weather was perfect, the trail was easy and I was feeling pretty f’ing rough.

When riding in Golden, you climb first, especially when you ride your trail bike to the trail head. After letting a little air pressure out, but not too much, we started our tiny but nasty steep climb. It was there, 4.5 seconds into the ride that I knew this bike was going to be my friend. On this steep, techy, rocky accent the tires stuck like glue all the way up. I picked crappy lines on the way up and it BLOB BLOB BLOBBED right over the rocks.

Since this trail was far from technical for the most part, anytime a rock was on the trail, riders were trying to pop off of them or rumble through them. My comfy couch loved all of it. It was slow going on the smooth uphill, but felt fast in the rough stuff. It really didn’t take much time to get used to. It is still a two-wheeled upright trail bike, after all.

We stopped at the top of the trail for a photo session.

Now comes the fun part: THE DOWN.

Descending on a fat bike is attention grabbing. You may think you are on a regular bike, but you aren’t. In deep rutty trails, the bike has a seeming need to wander. In the air, the bike makes sure you are in your zen place. And plowing into rocky sections reminds you that your tire is not in fact a 2.4″-little-tiny-trail tire; It just doesn’t fit through the same pockets in the rock. All this may sound negative, but it wasn’t at all. I was smiling and laughing out loud. I caught myself two wheel drifting at times. And to top it all off, I started feeling better. Yes, fat bikes can cure a cold it seems.

My only complaints about this bike are simple changes. I, personally, like a wider bar. Salsa now makes a super wide bar which would fix that right up. My other complaint was the rear tire that this bike had. At “high” speed, if I lightly feathered the rear brake, the tire would break loose of the dirt and slide like I was riding on marbles. The first time is was alarming (to say the least), the second time I almost ate it into a bunch of rocks at a corner and the third time I did it on purpose and it was fun. Give me a meaty slow climbing tire, knobby please.

Will I ride this bike again? Yup. Am I still coughing and sputtering this morning? Less.

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  1. swolfe says:

    great review. the 2012/2013 model of the surly necromancer addresses the rear tire issue by using the Surly Nate tire on the rear. it also features rolling daryl with the cutouts, dropping weight off both wheels. i agree with you on the bar, otherwise, this bike is ready to go and lots of fun!

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