Surly Kramping Trip

Very Rarely

Very rarely do we get a chance to see people explode with happiness. And even less frequently do we get to serve people delicious bacon. But, thanks to the ingenuity of Surly and Salvagetti coming together, we had both happen in the same splendid weekend.
The situation was this: Surly brought a fleet of FAT BIKES for our customers to consume. In exchange, we did things we cannot talk about and then also got a campsite or 3 at Buffalo Creek. Next, we called on our favorite pizza truck to come out. Oh, and we called in a favor from our bacon sponsor, too, just to round things out. No wait, wait! We also got some amazing beer.

We camped.

We ate. And we wore all blue.

And we took dirty pictures of a Surly Krampus.

(Incidentally, using a 29er Fox fork with the big nasty 29+ tire called the Surly Knard is fun. Anytime we rode in kitty litter, we heard tick tick tick tick until a little rock flew out of the tire. In any other trail condition, it would work dramatically better.)

Through it all, the Surly guys put up with our shit, made people happy and helped us with one of the finest events we have ever put on.

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