Professional Development AKA MOAB TRIP!

We packed up our whole staff and went to Moab for a Professional Development trip.

We stayed in a sweet little house North of town. Highly recommended.
This was the view from the front door.

We got nice and cozy in our cottage.

And the next day we went for a crazy ride called Amasa Back. It looked like this.

And this.

And Phillip’s arm looked like this.

You don’t wanna see the bike. Picture a taco. Now smoosh it.

That night, some beer was had. And some other beer.
The next day, we took the shuttle to do The Whole Enchilada, but the top was too frosty for us to ride, so we started with UPS. The shuttle looked like this.
And this.

THEN WE STARTED RIDING. The first section of trail was smooth, fun and exciting with only a few spills and bruises.

We saw scenery that just looked fake. Too pretty to be real.

And the bikes looked particularly pretty at this point, too.

From here the trail got crazy bumpy and fun. We all bottomed out our suspension several times and had ridiculous grins on our faces.

We got back to our place. Drank more beer. Slept. Ate salsa. Drank more beer and then it was time to go.

Thank you Moab. We shall meet again.

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  1. Ted Taylor says:

    What an awesome experience! I really liked seeing that crater.

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