Think for Yourself, Right?

At Salvagetti, we want people to ride their bikes. That is our goal. From time to time, we have people look to Salvagetti as a place to get a cruiser. We love cruisers, but we must make a distinction.


In our experience, people often buy a bike that gets forgotten after a week or two. It may be that it is not good for climbing or that the bike isn’t tough enough for Denver (damned flats). That means not getting the “heavy hybrid” bike with a suspension fork that rides nice on the flat parking lot. It also does away with the “Beach Cruiser” that looks pretty, but has little substance. What it does leave is a bike that won’t get left in the garage and will be really loved.

A Great Example
A customer approached us who is very tall (easily above 6’6″). He wanted a cruiser, but knew that he would not really fit on one. Plus, he didn’t want to buy something that he wouldn’t enjoy.

Initially, he asked for ape hangers and a comfy seat. After a little interviewing, we figured out that it needed to be an original, yet comfortable and extremely ride-able.
Enter the Surly Karate Monkey MX!

Slick tires, BMX bar and stem, attitude. He is now getting custom pads for it, as well as looking at old school saddles and grips.

He gets what he wants (an original he is proud of), we get what we want (a cyclist!).

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