Mission Workshop Backpacks


You get what you pay for. So what am I getting for my money from Mission Workshop?

It is simply simple. Strong. Silent. Tough. It gets the job done perfectly without getting flashy. But, holy crap it is nice to look at, too.

There is no where on this bag that has been skimped on. The zippers, the straps, the harnesses, even the labels are all top notch. This means just use the bag and forget about problems. We’ve carried everything from beer to CO2 tanks to fancy camera equipment with the exact same result: perfection. We’ve even taken it mountain biking.

This bag is perfect for everyday use. It has a sleeve that holds a notebook perfectly. It expands to keep your 4 day trip to a carry on size. Mission Workshop has lived and breathed bags for over a decade and function always leads form.

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