Surly Karate Monster (Monkey)

One Part Commuter, One Part Juggernaut

Tired of not having the beefiest commuter bike in Denver, Andrew set out with a few goals.

1. All good parts – Chris King, Salsa Rims, Surly Nice Rack, Sweet Salsa Drop Bars
2. Must be unique enough to not confuse with others
3. Be able to ride EVERYTHING

Here is his vision of perfection. We give you the Surly Karate Monster.

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4 Responses to “Surly Karate Monster (Monkey)”

  1. Nice Surly! My Salsa Fargo was procured w/about the same qualifications.

    Great looking website too, love the interface!

    Cheers ~Allen

  2. Phil says:

    Doesn’t surly not recommend racks and disc brakes on the Karate Monkey at the same time?

    per Surly’s website: “One more thing: Surly does not recommend the use of racks and disc brakes at the same time on the Karate Monkey. A rack will not clear the disc caliper without jury-rigging the leg outboard, and this will put stress on the mount, potentially breaking it. If you take nothing else from reading this, remember: No rack and disc brakes simultaneously on this frame. Get it? Got it? Good.”

    • Scott T. says:

      Yup. But, it worked. We let the customer know that it may break his bike. Hence the name Karate Monster! We’ll report back if and when it breaks.

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