Annual Bicycle Swappy Swap!

A Bike Swap for Nice People!

For the last few years, Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop has provided Denver the opportunity to swap, haggle, buy, trade and barter their way to a better bike. Well, we are doing it again. Only this will be better… it will be better because we have a parking lot that has lots of shade. We also have a better location, better vendors and way better coffee. Come down and see what happens, it should be a blast.


It will be in OUR parking lot. It is not the lot under the “We Heart Bikes” mural.


It is on July 10th at 9am. If you are setting up a table, we would encourage you to get there around 8:45am. No one is getting in early. The swap will come to a close at 2pm.


If you use your KONA UTE, you can simply park next to your table. Those of you who are driving will need to drop your stuff off and park on Platte St closer to the skate park. Otherwise, you will either be risking a ticket or a tow.


Because everyone has extra bike stuff in their garage. And bike stuff is for riding, not for storing. Unless you are this guy…

Full Garage

Full Garage


Money, shoes, jerseys, forks, frames, cranks, new socks that your uncle gave you that are too small, that 1 1/4″ threaded Chris King headset that is useless, your worn (but not worn out) cyclocross tires, etc etc etc etc.

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4 Responses to “Annual Bicycle Swappy Swap!”

  1. roger keeler says:

    what should i wear? do you need any lemon bars or anything?

  2. roger keeler says:

    what should i wear? should i bring potato salad?

  3. Jerri says:

    Great Idea!

    While that garage full of bikes is impressive (and somewhat obsessive), i applaud the preservation efforts and am saddened to see NO suspension. Must be a youthful owner. LOL.

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