Scott’s Dad, Ted

Bicycles Pretty Much Saved Scott’s Dad’s Life

Ted looked for tons of different activities.

Ted jogged when jogging was cool. Yes, that included those super short shorts. He spent huge amounts of time and money looking for shoes. He ran 5k and 10k races on summer weekends. But, the whole time, it was not very fun.

Ted played tennis. He would walk to the local park and unmount his wooden racket. He ran around and breathed hard, but the time still didn’t fly.

Ted tried canoeing, but that was just plain old hard to do without some major planning and a fellow paddler.

Scott and his brother would pressure their father to try cycling again. You see, Ted had a pretty rough accident while mountain biking on a trail section that should’ve been walked. He wasn’t thinking cycling could be fun.
On a trip to Denver, the planets aligned and the first taste of the sweet nectar of road cycling was given. He went on a Sunday Morning Breakfast Ride on a Kona Dr. Dew. The bike was simple enough to be understood and nice enough to keep even a new rider on pace with the group. Incidentally, we still hear stories about how much fun that was…

Ted lowered his blood sugar to well below the level of risk for diabetes. His blood cholesterol has plummeted quickly too, again to a super healthy level. But, the best thing we have seen from Ted is that he is super excited about bikes. He’ll tell anyone who will listen about his 2 bikes. Yup, because he got so into cycling, he picked up a Jamis Xenith Pro and is piling on the miles as quickly as he can.

We get a visit from Ted every so often now and his enthusiasm is unwavering. He has upgraded to clipless pedals and has recently found the power of attending coached spinning classes.

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  1. Brendan says:

    I was on that Breakfast Ride with Ted! Good story.

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