December 2009 News

Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop News aka Where did 2009 go?

Our new space is fantastic. We hope you have had a chance to come by and see how it is evolving. We are still working out the kinks to make it feel like our home, so check in regularly to see what is new and different. We are trying our best to make the whole space move Denver in one unified direction: Cycling!

We have been planning for a while and now they are happening:

We have decided to use our upstairs space to make you a better cyclist, no matter whether you are just learning to love the sport or you are a full on cycle freak. We have invited two great companies to use our upstairs “studio” to teach you how to ride a bike. Since we aren’t charging for use of our space, the prices for the classes are great.

Being on YOUR bike on a trainer is a great way to get all the kinks out of your pedal stroke. Through different techniques and classes, you will get smoother, stronger and better looking. No seriously, you will be more pretty or handsome just by attending our spin class*. By the time spring rolls around, our plan is for you to be faster than all your friends.

*This statement is only partially true, or maybe it is true.

The two groups teaching our spin classes are:
Breathe Spin and Yoga- With Breathe, you will focus on strength and stamina. 45 minutes of spin and 15 minutes of core focused yoga. A perfect workout to make you a happier, smoother and faster person.

More info here.
Sign up here.

JDS Sport Coaching- JDS focuses specifically on technique. It is less of a cardio workout and more of a muscle memory reset. It breaks down to about 30 minutes of technique spinning and 30 minutes of honing your new skills.

More info here.
Sign up here.


We have had a phenomenal year. We moved. Our family got bigger (both at Scott’s house and at Salvagetti). And things are looking up.

And with the end of the really long cycling season, we are getting rid of some of leftover bikes. Yup, they are on sale.

And rather than listing them here (on this page)… we listed them here.

Basically, if you are in the market for a great bike, you are gonna save some serious dough.


Starting this week, we are going to demystify the Salvagetti method for changing a flat. If you have had the pleasure of watching our mechanics work, you know how easy they make it look. Often they don’t even have to use a tire lever.

Well, this isn’t magic, but there are some tricks to it. And we would like to share those with you.

The classes are going to be on Thursdays at closing (6pm for now) and Sundays at 11am. You need your bike and an open mind to learn. To check for changes in the schedule before you come down, check out our calendar of classes, rides and events.

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