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We are settling in nicely

We have a few announcements to let everyone know about:

Demo Bikes are on sale.

The prices are great. The deals are amazing. And the bikes are really fun. If you are in the market for a mountain bike, you would be silly not to consider these deals.
More here.

Sunday Morning Cupcake Ride this Sunday.

We are going to The Shoppe on Colfax to have a delicious breakfast. This is a special treat. So special that we are moving the time up to 9 am. NO EXCUSES. Go get your calendar and mark it down. Set your alarm clock and come out for a ride with us on Sunday.
More here (and here.)

Thank you for helping us out.

We have had a huge number of people come by to thank us for moving to our new space. You have no idea how great that is to hear. It is a pretty large task to move a bunch of stuff, but it is even greater of a task to move a living community to a new and different part of town. So thank you for making the effort with us and for helping us grow to be what Denver cyclists need. We have a number of plans that we will be implementing over the next year to further improve Denver’s cycling experience. We will be telling you all about it soon.

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  1. Jean Zeh says:

    Will you be having a Santa Cruz demo any time soon?

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