Find Your Way in Colorado (By Bike)

The Mother Load

TIme after time, people will call on us to tell them how to get from Aurora to Parker or up to Boulder via Nederland or from 1611 Platte St. to Colorado Springs (all by bike). As much as we would love to be able to give every person a map of their own, we decided we should give people the power to help themselves. We had hoped that Google was taking care of this, since they came out with a walking direction aspect to their maps, but we cannot wait forever.

So instead, we went searching for maps to help our customers find their way by bike in CO. It turned out that someone had already compiled a huge list.

The list is from Bicycle Colorado. See what you think of their list here.

So next time you are dying for the best Vegetarian Indian Food in all of Colorado, get some help from the map section of Bicycle Colorado. But, you will have trouble riding home with so much delicious food in your belly.

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