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Helmets are a touchy subject amongst city riders. We (and the paramedics) have a unique perspective because we see lots of people come through the doors who have been in accidents. Helmets are inconvenient, but no more inconvenient than staying overnight at the hospital. The helmet doesn’t prevent the accident, it simply stops your hair and skin from being left on the road/sidewalk/hood. You will need your own convincing (and that was our weak attempt). For the owner, it was a close call with a tow truck in Cary, NC. For our Service Technician it was a road ride in Boulder that ended up with a large scar on the top of his skull. When you do decide to wear a helmet, please check out these:

1. Fox – Fox Transition helmets are comfortable. They look tough and they aren’t expensive. We aren’t sure what else you could ask for. They are easy to fit sunglasses with and are ventilated just right for cold and hot days.

Fox Transition

Fox Transition

2. Giro- Starting at $40 for good quality with plenty of vents. We like Giro helmets. There is nothing extra about them. They fit almost everyone and have lots of vents. They are stylish and easy, like your city bike.

3. Swrve Caps – NOT HELMETS. But, they are a good way of getting over that excuse of your hair not looking good when you take off your helmet. Swrve Caps fit nicely under your helmet and allow you to stay nice looking while being safe. Fashion and Safety? Yes.

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