Mountain Jerseys

Baggy, but not

Mountain Jerseys are great for several reasons.
1. You can get them dirty and they are only for getting dirty.
2. They are intentionally baggy to make you not feel like a roadie and to allow complete freedom of movement.
3. The materials help to keep you cool and dry on long and hot rides.
4. Mountain jerseys are hard to rip and tear.

1. Fox Jerseys are flat out incredible. Everything from the entry level T-shirt style to the super technical racing jerseys are perfect for their intended use. Fox sweats the details of you sweating, including a wipe for your glasses. This seems like a funny thing to be excited about until you realize you can see again because of your jersey.

2. Mavic Jerseys are going to be more form fitting than the Fox Jerseys. We like them because of the comfort factor. The way the seams are joined makes the jersey feel like it is one single piece of breathable and stretchy fabric. The jerseys are all new for 2009. We know Mavic makes amazing EVERYTHING else, so we are expecting nothing less.

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