Mountain Helmets

Breathability, while breathing very hard

We love riding on trails along the Front Range. The temperature in the morning often times is half what it is by the afternoon. So helmets need to be pretty perfect to ride as long as you want to ride. All helmets pass the same safety tests, so it comes down to a few factors.

The most important factor is fit. If the helmet fits well, it will protect better than one that does not. Try on several helmets until you find one that fits similar to a baseball cap. Snug but not too snug helmets will allow for your head to heat up a little and also cool off, depending on what you are needing.

Ventilation is next. Having adequate air flow means that you won’t overheat when it is warm out. It typically means a lighter helmet as well.

And lastly, weight (as we just mentioned) is important. A very heavy helmet will be tiring. The last thing you want to do is get lazy whilst riding on trails. Many of the trails in Denver will eat you alive if you aren’t fully ready at all times.

Our top choices for Mountain Helmets are:

1. Fox Helmets - These pass our 3 tests with flying colors. There are 2 main styles that work well for the Front Range. The Flux and the Transition are fantastic for pretty much all year round riding. If you are riding a great deal in the winter, the Transition will be a little warmer and the opposite is true of the Flux. They are great looking helmets that are feather light.
Fox Flux Helmet

Fox Transition Helmet

2. Giro Helmets – The classic mountain helmet for all occasions. These will fit damned near everyone. Giro has some of the best, lightest, fastest helmets on the market.

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